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Episode #16 - Super Mario Bros.

August 27th, 2012

Super Mario Bros. is famous for being the first film to be based off of a video game, and infamous for being bad. Maybe it’s because we’ve exposed ourselves to some real trash, but we didn’t think it was that terrible! Don’t get me wrong, this movie is bizarre enough to provide us with plenty to talk about! So wind up your Bob-ombs, get on your Koopa mattresses, and find out why IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PEACH as we de-evolve Super Mario Bros. into a puddle of goo!

Episode #15 - Superman IV

August 14th, 2012

Superman quests for peace and fights nuclear war in this 1987 clunker, which effectively killed the Christopher Reeve Superman franchise. Gene Hackman returns to the series as Lex Luthor, who steals Superman’s DNA and creates Nuclear Man, a solar powered indestructible bad guy who, for some reason, speaks in Gene Hackman’s voice. So get out your green glowing rocks, hand over your nuclear warheads, and join us as we hurl Superman IV into the sun!


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