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Episode #32 - Star Trek V

February 26th, 2013

This week Stop the Movie takes you through the great barrier and into the center of the galaxy as we review the fifth installment of the Star Trek motion picture series. This time around William Shatner plants himself in the captain's chair AND the director's chair and brings us a film about a crazy Vulcan's search for God. When the Enterprise is taken over by Spock's delusional brother, Kirk must fight to get his ship and his crew back. Set your phasers to stun, let go of your pain, and join us as we blast Star Trek V into the depths of the final frontier! Featuring special guest Nick Newert!

Episode #31 - Alex Cross

February 19th, 2013

Alex Cross, the best damned Detective/Psychologist this side of Al Pacino, is put to the test when he crosses paths with a psychotic killer who has been hired to kill some high profile business men in the city of Detroit. Alex is considering taking a job that will move him and his family cross country and out of harm's way, but his plans quickly change when Alex's wife is caught in the crossfire after an impromptu psychoanalysis goes horribly awry. Now Alex must find the killer before any more of his loved ones find themselves in his crosshairs. Grab your rocket launchers, get your scuba gear, and join us as we double cross Alex Cross! ROCKET!!!

Episode #30 - Knight and Day

February 11th, 2013

For our milestone 30th episode of Stop the Movie, we review the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz vehicle "Knight and Day". Cruise stars as Roy Miller, a secret agent who has gone rogue in order to protect a young scientist who has created a battery that never runs out of juice. Diaz's June Havens comes along for the ride, because why not? The unlikely couple delve into a world of espionage hijinks that feel like outtakes from a Johnny English movie. Can they foil the bad guy's plans? Why was Tom Cruise on that plane? Why is the movie called Knight and Day?! Grab your Zephyrs, slip some roofies into your drinks, and join us as we drive Knight and Day to a safe and secure location.

Episode #29 - Battleship

February 3rd, 2013

When you were a kid, playing a rousing game of Battleship with your friends, did you ever think "Gee, I'd really love to see a Battleship movie featuring aliens and Liam Neeson"? If you did, you were a weird kid… but you were also in for a real treat in 2012! Hasbro Studios brings us a live action version of the classic board game, starring Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and "starring" Liam Neeson. Director Peter Berg churns out the Michael Bay-iest movie ever not directed by Michael Bay! Grab your chicken burritos, a copy of "The Art of War", and join us as we sink this Battleship! B-7!


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