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Episode #38 - Glitter

April 30th, 2013

Special guest Katie Corrado joins us as we review the 2001 masterpiece, Glitter. Mariah Carey stars as Bille Frank, a singer whose dreams come true when she meets a DJ named Dice, who acts as her manager/producer/boyfriend/marimba player. Billie's meteoric rise is contrasted by Dice's decent into complete douche-bagginess. Billie also occasionally remembers that she has a long-lost mother that she has some mild interest in finding. Glitter is so bad that the soundtrack alone got Mariah dropped from her label. Grab your 20 year old cats, get out your marimbas, and joins us as we drop Glitter off at an orphanage!

Episode #37 - Red Dawn (2012)

April 17th, 2013

Chris Hemsworth and the fat kid from Drake and Josh star in the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, wherein large cities in the United States are taken over by an invading army of North Koreans... or are they Chinese? The filmmakers still aren't sure. The brothers Thor must band together with a group of teenagers to single handily take on the occupying forces and regain control of their hometown. The runtime on this movie is 3 Thor's Beards, but it feels like a whole 9 Thor's Beards! Grab your tracking devices, fill a trash bag with Subway sandwich meats, and joins us as we force Red Dawn to drink a dead deer's blood! WOLVERINES!

Episode #36 - So Undercover

April 3rd, 2013

So Undercover is a film with no discernible demographic. It's movie for young adults that is a times wildly inappropriate for young adults. Miley Cyrus stars as Molly, a college aged private detective who is hired by an FBI agent, played by Jeremy Piven, to go undercover in a sorority house to protect the daughter of a former mobster from... someone... I don't know... this plot is totes confusing. Grab your back massagers, get out your spy cameras, and join us as we kick So Undercover in its amazeballs!


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