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Episode #41 - The Last Airbender

May 29th, 2013

Veteran special guest host Tim Ferlito returns to the podcast to help us hurl fireballs at another M. Night. Shyamalan classic! Based on a children's TV show, The Last Airbender follows Aang, the "Avatar" and last remaining Airbender. After being thawed out of a giant ice cube, Aang is being aggressively hunted down by the Firebender clan, while being protected by the Waterbenders... and then I fell asleep. Seriously guys, this movie is super boring. This is the film that cements Shyamalan's status as the Moriarty to our collective Sherlock Holmes. Grab your flying glider sticks, do some Tai Chi, and joins us as we freeze The Last Airbender in a block of ice!

Episode #40 - Fair Game

May 22nd, 2013

Cindy Crawford monotones her way through this mid-90's thriller starring William Baldwin, who plays a police officer caught up in a zany, overly elaborate KGB plot to kill Crawford, a lawyer who has absolutely no idea why the KGB even wants her dead. After numerous hilariously inept attempts at doing away with Crawford, Baldwin is tasked with protecting her at all costs, which proves to be easier than expected since the KGB is constantly telling him what they're about to do and when they're going to do it.  Christopher McDonald shows up and screams his way back to Stop the Movie, and we couldn't be more excited about it! Fiddle with your joysticks, have a pizza delivered to your secret safe house, and join us as we destroy Fair Game's walkman!

Episode #39 - Terminal Velocity

May 9th, 2013

Charlie Sheen stars as Ditch Brodie in this mid-90's action/thriller masterpiece. Ditch is a high flying skydiver who crosses paths with an ex KGB agent who is trying to foil the plot of James Gandolfini, a member of the Russian Mafia.  Ditch must work to clear his name while hunting down a plane full of Russian gold. This movie was so bad that Gandolfini and Christopher McDonald decided to not even try to do Russian accents. Check your reserve chute, pop a Certz mint into your mouth, and join us as we push Terminal Velocity from a plane and watch it bounce!


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