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Episode #77 - Runner Runner

March 20th, 2014

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie about online poker, but didn't actually want to see any poker being played whatsoever? Well, have we got the film for you! Runner Runner tells the story of Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake), who gets caught up in the intense world of off shore gambling when he confronts Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) about a scam that he's running. When Block sees the potential in Richie, he offer's him a job with his company. Things soon spiral out of control when Richie finds himself smack dab in the middle of the plot of Paranoia, caught between an overzealous FBI agent and a crooked boss who is threatening his father's life. Where is Gary Oldman when you need him? Grab your crocodiles, enjoy your massages, and join us as we go all in with Runner Runner!

Episode #76 - Foodfight!

March 13th, 2014

Strap in... this is a rough one. Back in the very early aughts some filmmakers decided to make a star studded Toy Story ripoff that has only slightly less product placement than Mac & Me! After 12 years on a shelf, this unrendered nightmare was unleashed onto a completely unsuspecting and undeserving public. Starring Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, and Christopher Lloyd, Foodfight! follows Dex Dogtective, a cereal mascot "ike" who quits his job as head dogtective when he fails to solve his most important case... the disappearance of the love of his life. 6 months later the grocery store that is their home is invaded by the evil "Brand X", a generic brand that wants to dominate and assimilate the store. Now Dex must stop a very thinly veiled holocaust scenario before his friends are killed, and the children in the audience start asking very uncomfortable questions about genocide. Please don't show your kids this movie. Grab your raisins, butter your muffins, and join us as we learn why it's bad to be ugly with Foodfight! With special guest host Dora Scheidell!

Episode #75 - I, Frankenstein

March 6th, 2014

The crew of Stop the Movie took a trip down to Theater 17, located in the bowels of our local cinema, where the seats are few and the movies are terrible, to see I, Frankenstein, the 2014 atrocity starring Aaron Eckhart as the titular hero. When Frankenstein's monster, renamed Adam, is attacked by demons immediately following the events of the novel, he is rescued and taken in by the order of the Gargoyles, angelic creatures who protect humanity from evil forces. Fast forward 200 years, Adam, now a full blown demon hunter, finds himself in the crosshairs of the evil Lord Naberius (Bill Nighy), the CEO of a medical research firm that is trying to find a way to reanimate corpses in order to create a demon army large enough to take over the world. With the help of an overly attractive doctor, Adam must protect the secret which only his body and his father's journal holds, all while accomplishing the far more difficult task of continuously saying the phrase "Queen Gargoyle" without cracking a smile. Grab your demon killin' blades, put on your hoodies, and join us as we "descend" I, Frankenstein!


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