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Episode #93 - Tiptoes

September 18th, 2014

Episode description coming soon!

Episode #92 - Zardoz

September 6th, 2014

Sean Connery and his underwear star in this post-Bond sci-fi bomb. Connery plays Zed, a savage killer who breaks into the Vortex, a paradise-like society of immortal intellects called the Eternals. When their way of life is threatened by the very presence of Zed, the Eternals are split into those who want to protect him, and those who want him destroyed. Is Zed the bringer of doom for the Eternals? Or can he provide them with the one thing that a people bored with immortality desire the most? This movie features the first scene centered around Sean Connery's junk since Goldfinger's laser. Grab your tabernacle, go to the second level, and join us as we bring sweet sweet death to Zardoz!


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