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Episode #102 - Conan the Destroyer

January 22nd, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the podcast and to the Conan franchise in Conan the Destroyer! Arnie plays Conan, former barbarian and current destroyer, who is coaxed into taking the virginal Princess Jehnna on a quest to find an ancient relic which will allow the evil Queen Taramis to awaken the dreaming god Dagoth. Together with warrior Zula (Grace Jones) and the Queen's right hand man Bombaata (Wilt Chamberlain), Conan must safely escort the princess while also obliviously dodging her every sexual advance in order to retrieve the sacred horn and ensure the resurrection of his one true love, Valeria. Grab your giant maces, protect your virginity, and join us as we sacrifice Conan the Destroyer!

Episode #101 - Moonraker

January 8th, 2015

Roger Moore's Bond James Bond is BACK in our review of Moonraker! A direct response to the success of Star Wars, Moonraker takes Bond where no Bond has ever Bonded before, as superspy James Bond becomes astronaut James Bond in order to save the human race from extinction! Billionaire Hugo Drax has devised the evilest of evil plans, which includes wiping out the entire human race by dropping glass orbs filled with poisonous gas from space onto the unsuspecting populace. Bond and his CIA counterpart Holly Goodhead stumble their way onto Drax's plan and into space in what proves to be the most over-the-top ending to a Bond movie since Kananga popped like a cheap balloon! Also, Jaws drops out of an airplane, bites some things, and falls in love. Grab your wrist guns, fire up your hover gondola, and join us as we fire Moonraker into the depths of space!


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