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Episode #112 - Highlander 2: The Quickening

June 18th, 2015

There can be only one Highlander... God, how we wish that were true! If it were, we wouldn't have to be subjected to the incomprehensible muck that is Highlander 2: The Quickening! Highlander 2 finds protagonist Connor MacLeod as an old man in the distant future of 9 years from now. He's retired from his Highlanding ways, and is content to just die of old age. When a face from his distant past forces his way into his life, MacLeod is unintentionally given back his immortality and youthful appearance. With his new lease on life, Connor decides to help a young terrorist in her attempts to uncover the truth about a world-protecting machine that MacLeod himself helped design and build in his younger days, all while Michael Ironside tries to keep himself from choking on all the scenery he's chewing. Grab your broadswords, PROTECT YA NECK, and join us as we send Highlander 2 back to the planet Zeist! 

Episode #111 - Jaws 3D

June 4th, 2015

It took us a while to recover from our review of Jaws IV, but we're ready to go back in the water again with Jaws 3D! Dennis Quaid stars as Mike Brody, the oldest son of bigger boat enthusiast Martin Brody. Mike is employed at Sea World, where he is helping to build a new underwater exhibit. When a Great White shark is discovered and captured within the confines of Sea World, it becomes the next must see attraction. After dying in captivity, it is soon realized that big mama shark is also within the park... and it's out for 3D blood! Grab your short shorts, fire up your crossbow, and join us as we pull the pin on Jaws 3D!


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