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Episode #128 - Batman Forever

April 21st, 2016

Welcome back to the same Bat Channel! After suffering through Joel Schumacher's neon guano pile that was Batman & Robin, we just had to circle back and examine where it all went wrong! Batman Forever is Schumacher's first foray into Gotham City, pitting Val Kilmer's Batman against Jim Carrey's Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face. When Edward Nigma, a budding young scientist at Wayne Enterprises is rejected by Bruce Wayne, he makes it his personal mission to get revenge against him. Meanwhile, Harvey "Two Face" Dent is enacting his own revenge against Batman, the crime fighter who failed to save Dent from becoming horribly disfigured. Nigma offers to team up with Two Face as his new alter ego, The Riddler! Together, the two wreak havoc on Gotham, aiming to uncover the secret identity of the caped crusader. Elsewhere, Robin won't stop whining and Nicole Kidman is in a constant state of near orgasmic arousal. Grab your lucky coin, slip into your tights, and join us as we psychoanalyze Batman Forever!


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