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Episode #130 - Rocky IV

June 16th, 2016

It's Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago in this week's bout, Rocky IV! Sylvester Stallone returns as Rocky Balboa, the heavyweight champion of the world and owner of a sick ass robot. Rocky has grown comfortable in his life. He owns a mansion, has money and robots, and has a happy, healthy kid and a robot. When his good buddy Apollo Creed (not a robot) decides he wants to fight Ivan Drago, the new super human punching machine out of 1980's Movie Russia, Rocky is initially hesitant. After consulting his robot (presumably), he decides to help Apollo out. Well, that ends pretty badly for everyone involved. After burying his best friend and reminiscing about all the fun times they had splashing around in the ocean wearing tank tops, Rocky goes on a 45 minute training montage before facing Drago himself in the heart of Russia, recklessly leaving his child in the care of what has clearly and unfortunately become Paulie's sex robot. Grab your boxing gloves, put on some tunes to montage to, and join us as we break Rocky IV!


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