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Episode #138 - Resident Evil: Apocalypse

February 10th, 2017

Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the second entry in the never-ending film series based on the classic 90's video game of the same name. The movie opens where the last film left off. Raccoon City is being overrun by the undead while the evil Umbrella Corporation scrambles to isolate the situation. After closing the city off and evacuating their own people, they set in motion a plan to nuke the city and eradicate the T-Virus before it can spread beyond the city's limits. Meanwhile, Alice, the survior of the Hive incident, awakens in a lab, where she has been mysteriously experimented on. Now, equipped with new abilities and sweet kung fu moves, she meets up with a group of survivors lead by STARS member Jill Valentine and her quickly dying partner. The group soon realizes that they have but one hope to get out of Raccoon City alive... they must save the daughter of the man who created the T-Virus and bring her to safety before dawn. This film continues our newest tradition of reviewing movies in which a comatose Milla Jovovich must keep a child safe while karate chopping supernatural beings and using a motorcycle to bring down bad guys. We're hoping the tradition continues. Grab your bazooka, GET TO THE CHOPPA, and join us as we drop a nuke on Resident Evil: Apocalypse


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