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Episode #142 - A View to a Kill

June 25th, 2017

Bond is Back! In this week's episode, we review the last film starring the late, great Roger Moore as James Bond, A View To A Kill! Nobody does Bond goofier than Roger Moore, and his final turn in the role is no exception! After looking into claims of a horse racing scam, James Bond literally stumbles onto a much bigger scheme being cooked up by the psychopathic Max Zorin, who plans to flood Silicon Valley, creating a monopoly on the microchip industry for his company. Now, Bond must fight henchmen, supervillians, arthritis, thinning hair, and an enlarged prostate (he's old), in order to stop Zorin before it's too late. Grab your saddle, fire up your zeppelin, and join us as we get in a firetruck chase with A View to a Kill!


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