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Episode #143 - Suicide Squad

July 20th, 2017

Well, here it is. It's finally come to this. Suicide Squad. One third music video, one third Will Smith vehicle, and one third Margot Robbie's midriff, Suicide Squad is a film that had every right to be good, but like Man of Steel and BvS before it, ended up being a mess. A team of supervillains is assembled to fight the threat of other potential supervillains, facing their first challenge when "The Enchantress" escapes the captivity of the government and seeks her revenge by awaking her brother and taking over Midway City. The Suicide Squad is sent in to rescue Amanda Waller, the woman responsible for the creation of the team, and to take out the Enchantress and her bro before they do whatever it is they're trying to do. Also, Jared Leto swings by every now and then to remind us all of how good Heath Ledger was. So very good. Grab your boomerangs, put on your favorite 70's tune, and join us as we crash multiple helicopters into Suicide Squad!


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