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Episode #87 - Pompeii

June 26th, 2014

This week we take on a movie matched only by 47 Ronin in its historical accuracy, 2014's Pompeii. Set in the year 79 AD, Pompeii tells the story of Milo, a gladiator who falls in love with Cassia, the daughter of the city's ruler. When Cassia becomes the object of desire of Senator Kiefer Sutherland, she is forced to agree to marry him, lest her entire family suffer a grisly fate. Now Milo must fight bot in and out of the arena in order to rescue his beloved from the clutches of the evil Roman senator before it's too late. There was also a completely out of place B-plot about a volcano or something. Grab your swords, practice your horse whispering, and join us as we erupt on Pompeii!

Episode #86 - Escape From L.A.

June 19th, 2014

John Carpenter's Snake Plissken is BACK in 1996's remake sequel to John Carpenter's Escape from New York, John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.! John Carpenter returns to the director's chair and to the podcast to direct a John Carpenter film that all but ended John Carpenter's career! John Carpenter! Snake Plissken, the nation's most notorious criminal, is poisoned and forced to once again do the government's dirty work by going into Los Angeles, which is now separated from the mainland and used as a dumping ground for anybody deemed immoral or criminal. Snake is tasked with finding the President President's daughter and retrieving a device that controls the nation's EMP emitting satellites, which a terrorist plans to use against the U.S. unless his demands are met. With 10 hours to live, Snake must battle the clock, as well as the scum of L.A., in order to save himself and keep America's most powerful weapon from falling into the wrong hands! Grab your surfboards, put on your heat resistant coats, and join us as we welcome John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. to the human race!

Episode #85 - 47 Ronin

June 5th, 2014

In 2013 Hollywood decided to take a true story from Japanese history and poop all over it by adding witches and dragons and shoving a white guy in there! When their Lord is murdered by the head of a rival household, a group of samurai is banished from their home and forced to live their life as ronin. Their leader decides that they must do whatever is necessary to avenge the death of their Lord, even if it means ultimately facing death themselves. Of course, there's no way they could do all of this without the help of a white guy!!! That's where Keanu Reeves comes in! Reeves plays "half-breed" Kai, a man with a mysterious past and even more mysterious powers, who aids the ronin in their quest. I'm not an expert on Japanese history or anything, but I'm pretty sure the original story didn't include a cave full of ghosts who guard a cache of magic swords. Grab your samurai gear, beware of multi-eyed wolves, and join us as we force 47 Ronin to commit seppuku!


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