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Episode #85 - 47 Ronin


In 2013 Hollywood decided to take a true story from Japanese history and poop all over it by adding witches and dragons and shoving a white guy in there! When their Lord is murdered by the head of a rival household, a group of samurai is banished from their home and forced to live their life as ronin. Their leader decides that they must do whatever is necessary to avenge the death of their Lord, even if it means ultimately facing death themselves. Of course, there's no way they could do all of this without the help of a white guy!!! That's where Keanu Reeves comes in! Reeves plays "half-breed" Kai, a man with a mysterious past and even more mysterious powers, who aids the ronin in their quest. I'm not an expert on Japanese history or anything, but I'm pretty sure the original story didn't include a cave full of ghosts who guard a cache of magic swords. Grab your samurai gear, beware of multi-eyed wolves, and join us as we force 47 Ronin to commit seppuku!

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