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Episode #59 - Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2


In our final f@#king episode of this year's "Horror-able f@#king Halloween" series, we review Rob f@#king Zombie's Halloween 2. In the sequel to his 2007 crime against humanity, Zombie takes us back to the white trash version of Haddonfield, where Laurie Strode is trying to cope with the events of Halloween night by yelling at everyone and everything she sees, including her best friend Annie, a book, her steering wheel, and Margot Kidder. Meanwhile, after wandering around maskless in the woods for two years, Michael Myers eventually makes it back to his hometown to finish what he started... pooping on John Carpenter's legacy. Spoiler alert: The first half hour of this podcast is a dream. Grab your horse statues, take out the garbage, and join us as we get all white trashy with Rob Zombie's Halloween 2!

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