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Episode #100 - Howard the Duck


Look out everybody! We're up to triple digits! Help us celebrate our 100th episode by joining us as we embark on a bona fide duckventure! For 100th episode special, we finally take on Howard the Duck! One of Hollywood's most notorious bombs, Howard the Duck follows the misadventures of Howard, an anthropomorphic duck who is accidentally transported from his home planet to a mysterious and magical place called Cleveland, where he meets Beverly, a rock and roller with big dreams who agrees to help Howard get back home. After their very first attempt results in a brilliant scientist being possessed by an alien, Howard and his human friends must stop the invasion of Earth by evil space Overlords while also finding a way to get back to Duckworld. It's a shame that Marvel hasn't recovered since the release of this, their first foray into motion pictures. Keep trying, Marvel. You'll strike gold someday. Grab your tiny duck condoms, take a mud bath, and join us as we send Howard the Duck back to outer space!

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