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Episode #104 - Theodore Rex


Well, it's finally here. After months and months of teasing, we're finally reviewing Theodore Rex... It is a sad, sad day. Theodore Rex reluctantly stars Whoopi Goldberg as Katie Coltrane, a gruff police officer who is teamed up with a go-getter cop named Teddy to solve a murder. The catch? Teddy is a DINOSAUR!!!!! Wha-wha-what?!?!?! How wacky! Coltrane's borderline racism towards anthropomorphic dinosaurs get in the way of their partnership, but will they grow closer as they begin to crack the case? Will anybody care by the end of the movie? Nope! Theodore Rex is a film that Whoopi Goldberg tried her damnedest to back out of, but was convinced to stay on when a dump truck of money was unloaded upon her doorstep. Grab your cookies, get your tail under control, and join us as we try to wipe out the entire human race after having to sit through Theodore Rex!

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