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Episode #105 - Batman & Robin


This week we dive into the chilling depths of the movie that brought an abrupt end to the Batman franchise, 1997's Batman & Robin! George Clooney dons the cape and cowl and nippled suit in Joel Schumacher's second attempt at ruining Batman for years to come. The caped crusader, joined by the eternally grating Robin, are plunged into a world of intrigue and ice when they come up against their lamest villains yet, Poison Mae West and Mr. Jack Frost, who have hatched a plan to destroy all life on earth and then repopulate it with the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. When Alfred's annoying niece Barbara joins the action as the judo chopping, motorcycle racing Batgirl, our heroes must band together to save every last life in Gotham City from an icy doom. Plus, ice = nice. Grab your batskates, fill up on diamonds, and join us as we chill out with Batman & Robin!

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