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Episode #108 - The Net


Newly minted "World's Most Beautiful Woman" Sandra Bullock makes her first appearance on the podcast in this week's review of 1995's The Net! Bullock stars as Angela Bennett, a computer hacker/beta tester who also happens to be the loneliest woman who has ever lived. When she's sent a floppy disc (ask your parents) to test out a strange glitch, she stumbles upon a secret which puts her life in danger. She finds herself on the bad side of some very powerful people, who employ Jack Devlin, the least effective hitman to ever carry a gun. Seriously, he can't even take care of an old woman with Alzheimer's. When the bad guys change her identity, take her life away and giver her STDs, Angela must expose their secret before Devlin finally figures out how his gun works. Grab your dial up modem, place your order on, and join us as we take The Net out on a romantic boat trip!

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