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Episode #110 - Solarbabies


Time: The Future. Place: Earth(?). Hair: Feathered. The world's water supply is under strict control by the Eco Protectorate, a militaristic organization that polices society and runs prison-like orphanages, where children are groomed for military service. A young boy named Daniel finds a mysterious orb shaped being in a cave below one of these orphanages, and he discovers that his new friend has magical powers. When a fellow orphan kidnaps the orb, Daniel sets out with his roller derby lacrosse hockey team to rescue it. At the same time, the Protectorate discovers the existence of the orb, and decides to find and destroy it for some unknown, but assuredly evil purposes. This film was arguably the low-point of the 80's "Young Children Find An Alien Being And Must Protect/Rescue It From The Government" genre. And no, I didn't forget about Mac and Me. Grab your roller skates, fill up your canteens, and join us as we knock Solarbabies around with a Lacrosskey stick!
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