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Episode #114 - Lost in Space


In the late 90's Hollywood finally gave us a movie adaptation that literally tens of people were clamoring for, a movie version of the 60's sci-fi series Lost in Space! In the year 2058 the Earth dying and will be unable to sustain life in a few decades time. A brave family of scientists, the Robinsons, are tasked with traveling into the depths of space to build a hypergate, allowing for the evacuation of the inhabitants of Earth to a more stable planet. Enter the evil Dr. Smith, a greedy man with terroristic intentions who puts into motion a plan that will end the mission before it even starts. Unfortunately for Smith, he's double crossed and is trapped on the ship as it takes off. His plan half works, and the family and their robot are forced to hurl their ship into the vastness of deep space, leaving them completely lost and searching for a way back home. Lost in Space proves once again that Gary Oldman can make anything watchable... Well, anything besides Tiptoes. Grab your PennyVision bracelet, feed your Blaarp, and join us as we get Lost in Space!

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