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Episode #117 - Basic Instinct 2


Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell is up to her old murderin' tricks again.... or maybe she isn't. Who knows! Either way, her psychiatrist, Dr. Glass is pretty sure she's got blood on her hands, but he doesn't let that stop him from becoming dangerously and creepily obsessed with her. Hired to give her a mental examination as part of a trial, he eventually finds himself defending her as bodies and evidence pile up, which seems to paint her as a cold blooded killer. But who is the real killer? No, really, I'm asking. I have no idea who the killer is. Please tell me. A erotic "thriller" that has more twists and turns than Nicolas Cage's Trespass and less answers than a broken telephone, Basic Instinct 2 proves one thing for sure... that nobody needed a sequel to Basic Instinct. Grab your Big Ben lighter, sharpen your ice pick, and join us as we drive into a river with Basic Instinct 2!

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