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Episode #118 - Dante’s Peak


It's Bond vs the volcano in Dante's Peak! Pierce Brosnan stars as volcanologist Harry Dalton, who is dispatched to the small town of Dante's Peak to investigate some possible volcanic activity. After determining that the mountain is on the verge of blowing (like this movie, HEY-O), he tries to warn the town of their impending doom, much to the chagrin of his boss, apparently fresh off his stint as the mayor of Amity. Inevitably the volcano erupts, because this would be a pretty boring movie if it didn't, and Harry must completely ignore the fact that he's a volcanologist in a town with an erupting volcano and instead go rescue a single little old lady who doesn't want to leave anyway... and killing her in the process. Now, along with Mayor Sarah Connor and her annoying kids, he must find away to escape Dante's Peak before the next eruption completely destroys the town. If this was a latter day Bros Bond movie, he would have totally rode a wave of lava. Grab your Nasa transmitter, pour yourself a cappuccino, and join us as we bury Dante's Peak in volcanic ash! 

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