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Episode #121 - The Gambler


Marky Mark is back? What? No! Mark Wahlberg plays a college professor who just... can't... stop... with the gambling. The film opens with him already in debt to the tune of $240,000. On the plus side, it seems like people just can't help themselves from giving him money to pay off his debts. Unfortunately, he uses exactly zero cents of any of that money to pay off the dangerous people who are after him, and instead uses all of it to play the worst hands of black jack and games of roulette that anyone has ever seen. Seriously, he's the worst gambler ever. His "arc" includes borrowing money from every loan shark in existence to pay off every other loan shark he owes, alienating and emotionally abusing his girlfriend, proving that he's the worst lecturer that has ever lectured, corrupting the best college athlete the world has seen in years, and forever wrecking his relationship with his family. No redemption to be seen here, folks! Grab your playing cards, put everything on red, and join us as we lecture The Gambler!

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