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Episode #131 - Gods of Egypt


Gods of Egypt is a 2016 video game cut scene that tells the story of an "alternative Egypt", where the skin is white and the accents are varied. The lands is ruled by gods, who are giants with gold for blood. Current king Osiris is passing down the throne to his son Horus, when his brother Set decides to crash the party. After killing his brother and tearing out his nephew's eyes, he takes over the kingdom, enslaving the population and making life miserable for everyone. When a young man named Bek and his girlfriend Zaya plot to steal Horus' powers back from Set in order to give him the ability to take back his kingdom, things go wrong and Zaya is killed. Now, Bek must team up with an ornery Horus in order to overthrow Set and and rescue Zaya from the underworld before she's forced to cross over into the afterlife. This movie makes Hercules look like the most historically accurate film of all time. Grab your god spear, erect an obelisk in Andy Wolf's honor, and join us as we tear the brain out of Gods of Egypt!

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