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Episode #34 - Cold Light of Day


We here at Stop the Movie have a special place in our hearts for the character Sigourney Weaver played in "Abduction", so you can only imagine how delighted to we were to see her playing the exact same character in this week's movie! "Cold Light of Day" is a film that makes even leading man Henry Cavill's fan club groan. Cavill plays a failed entrepreneur whose father, played by Bruce Willis, leads a secret double life as a CIA agent who has stolen some very sensitive materials from an army of Spanish terrorists. After his family is taken hostage by the terrorists, Cavill must run like a madman through the streets of Madrid and figure out how to meet the terrorists' demands, while simultaneously evading Weaver and the CIA. Hide your guns in the nearest dumpster, throw your phones into the ocean, and join us as we mercilessly interrogate Cold Light of Day!

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