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Episode #42 - I Know Who Killed Me


I Know Who Killed Me represents the death throes of Lindsay Lohan's career as an actress. In what we've dubbed "Parent Trap 2", Lohan plays two characters... the first is Aubrey, a well off, smart, musically talented young woman who enjoys writing stories in her spare time. The second is a dirty, filthy, toilet talking stripper named Dakota. When Aubrey is abducted by a killer whose motives are the only thing dumber than his M.O., Dakota is found horribly injured and mistaken for her twin sister. Now Dakota must prove that she's not who everyone thinks she is, and find Aubrey before it's too late. The ending to this movie proved to be so predictable and lame that the filmmakers opted to just leave it out of the film altogether. Charge up your artificial legs, don't ask me any questions, and join us as we punish I Know Who Killed Me for not wanting to play the piano!

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