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Episode #44 - Drive Angry


We just can't get enough Nicolas Cage here at Stop the Movie. He makes a triumphant, if not half asleep return to the podcast in 2011's Drive Angry! Cage plays Milton, a man recently escaped from the bowels of Hell who is bent on finding his granddaughter, a baby that has been kidnapped by a cult leader who plans on using her as a human sacrifice in order to bring Hell to Earth. Amber Heard is a waitress who gets dragged along for the ride, solely because she has a hot car and a hotter body. The duo must find the cult leader and save the baby, all while being chased by a demon who wants to return Cage's soul to the depths of Hades. Come for the Nicolas Cage jokes, stay to find out which actor in this movie co-host Andy "Randy" Wolf is in love with. Hint: It's not any of the women. Grab your demon killin' guns, renew your drivers' licenses, and join us as we send Drive Angry back to Hell!

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