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Episode #45 - The Cat in the Hat


The Cat In The Hat tried to do what only The Love Guru could do a few years down the road… put an merciless end to the career of the once great Mike Myers. Myers plays the cowardly lion in this 2003 adaptation of one of Dr. Seuss' most famous works. Two siblings find themselves alone on a rainy day when a giant talking cat comes along and completely ruins their day using magic and dumb voices. When the big talking feline shockingly proves to be a terrible guardian, the children find themselves in a pickle when their home is destroyed and their dog runs away. Now they must clean up their mess before their mother gets home and her evil boyfriend, played by the evil Alec Baldwin, can send them both away to military school. If you've ever wanted to see a hepatitis joke pop up in a kids' movie, pick yourself up a copy of this film. Grab your dirty hoes, get in your S.H.I.T. mobiles, and join us as we neuter The Cat in the Hat!

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