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Episode #46 - Elektra


Before Hollywood discovered the formula for making good comic book adaptations, they gave us Elektra... a film which all but brought Jennifer Garner's career to a grinding halt. Garner plays the eponymous hero, who is an assassin-for-hire who has been given a new job... she must KILL THE LAST AIRBENDER... or something like that. Tables are turned when she decides to protect those she was hired to kill against some of the lamest baddies in super hero movie history. Tattoo? Really? Linen-man? C'mon! Can Elektra save the girl and her father? Does the audience even care? Put on your sexy red killin' outfit, leave Ben Affleck on the cutting room floor, and join us as we throw table cloths in Elektra's FACE! With special guest Nick Newert!

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