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Episode #48 - R.I.P.D.


Our second theatrical review of the summer, R.I.P.D. sees Rooster Cogburn and Hal Jordan team up as a couple of oddly matched postmortem policemen who hunt down and arrest "Deados", ghosts who have overstayed their welcome on Earth. On their very first case together, the duo stumble upon an apocalyptic plot that's been hatched by Kevin Bacon, a dirty cop with a some serious soul stank. Now, Cogburn and Green Lantern must overcome their anachronistic differences and work together to save the world, all while slowly unraveling the mystery of what the coyotes did to Rooster's skull after he died. This movie represents what happens when you take Men In Black and replace all of the charm, character, and quirkiness with fart jokes and "billy goating". Grab your magical charm bracelet, relax your body, and join us as we "erase" R.I.P.D.!

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