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Episode #51 - Johnny Mnemonic


Keanu Reeves gives the worst performance this side of Ellie Cornell in our latest film, 1995's Johnny Mnemonic. Reeves plays a robot playing a human in the distant future of 2021, where the internet is omnipresent but for some reason information is passed along through the use of human couriers with hard drives implanted in their brains, known as Mnemonics. When the cure for St. Vitus Dance is stored in his brain-drive, he must protect it against the evil(?) bad guys who want it for themselves, and get it out of his head before it kills him. This film is worth a watch just to see Keanu get out-acted by Ice-T and an anamatronic dolphin. Grab your Eye-Phones, remember your passcodes, and join us as we drop a flaming car on Johnny Mnemonic!

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