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Episode #57 - Spookies


Spookies is a special kind of movie. Shot on a low budget, the original cut was so horrid that the producers fired the directors (plural) and brought in someone else to direct a completely other movie that they could cram into their existing film. The resulting mess is so poorly stitched together that it's plot becomes completely incoherent. When a group of youths and their middle-aged friend go on a search for a good party spot, they end up at a creepy old mansion, where an old man lives in the attic with his comatose bride and their abominable offspring. The group comes looking for a party, but what they find is much less fun. This movie should have won an award for Most Poorly Written Comic Relief Character. Grab your planchettes, put on your hand pupperts, and JOIN US as we feed Spookies to a mysterious Asian spider-lady!

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