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Episode #58 - Halloween 3: Season of the Witch


In our third "Horror-able Halloween" review, we take on Tom Atkins an Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Atkins plays Dr. Challis, a creepy old man who abandons his kids to go on a quest with an attractive 20 year old who he just met. After her father is murdered, Ellie Grimbridge teams up with Challis to track down her father's killers to Santa Mira, California, where an Irish toy maker named Cochran is manufacturing popular Halloween masks. Challis quickly discovers that Cochran isn't what he seems, and neither are his masks. Can Challis and Ellie stop Cochran before he performs a mass sacrifice? How did Cochran get stonehenge into the country? Where the hell is Michael Myers? Grab your Silver Shamrock masks, tune in for the big giveaway at 9, and join us as we melt Halloween 3's face into a pile of snakes and cockroaches!

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