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Episode #61 - After Earth


Moriarty strikes again! We've been waiting a long time to review M. Night Shyamalan's latest disaster, After Earth! Despite being real life father and son, Will and Jaden Smith play the least convincing father and son on-screen duo ever in this 2013 CGI orgy. Smith Sr. plays Cypher Raige, who crash lands on an abandoned planet Earth with his son Kitai (Smith Jr.) after their ship is caught in a surprise meteor storm. After suffering a debilitating leg injury in the crash, Cypher sends Kitai out on his own to find the tail of their downed ship, where their only hope, a homer beacon, is stashed. Kitai must overcome treacherous weather conditions, baboons, tigers, and his father's shadow in order to save both of their lives! After Earth proves that while fear may not be real, boredom most certainly is. Grab your breathing packs, TAKE A KNEE, and join us as we deny After Earth!

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