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Episode #62 - Masters of the Universe


Dolph Lundgren makes a triumphant return to the podcast, this time in a starring role. Lundgren plays He-Man in this 1987 live action adaptation of the classic He-Man cartoon, alongside a young Courtney Cox and a bafflingly cast Frank Langella. While in the heat of battle in Eternia with his archenemy Skeletor, He-Man is forced to use a magical device that transports he and his friends to 1980's Earth. Now with the help of a couple of teenagers, he must locate the "cosmic key" in order to get back home, and before Skeletor can find it and employ it for his own evil purposes. Not even the power of Grayskull would be potent enough to salvage this thinly-veiled toy commercial. Grab your Japanese synthesizers, put on your loincloths, and join us as special guest Ken Chapman helps us send Masters of the Universe back to Eternia!

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