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Episode #63 - Octopussy


This week we finally delve into the world of Bond... James Bond! Roger Moore leaves us shaken AND stirred with his sixth turn as the suave super-spy in Octopussy, also known as "the one with all the eggs". When a fellow double-0 agent is killed while dressed as a clown, clutching a Faberge egg, Bond is tasked with uncovering the circumstances around his ridiculous death. In classic James Bond fashion, Faberge eggs lead to a plot involving a nuclear bomb and a Russian plan to take over the world. Now 007 must team up with a bad guy who doesn't know she's a bad guy in order to stop the other bad guys from blowing up a circus on an American military base in a clever rouse that will trick the world into disarming their own nuclear bombs leaving Russia as the only superpower with atomic weaponry thereby giving them free reign to invade whomever they want which will eventually lead to a Soviet global takeover. Is the Cold War over yet? In a perfect allegory for what the Roger Moore era turned the character into, James Bond literally dresses as a clown at one point in this film. Grab your disguises, swing by Q Branch, and join us as we buzz saw Octopussy in the face!

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