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Episode #67 - Jack Frost


Bluesman Jack Frost has a tough time balancing his professional life with his family life. Between playing raucous live shows in bars and lengthy recording sessions, he has trouble getting home for important family events like hockey games and sink fixin'. After dying in a tragic Christmas car accident, his son, Charlie, is left bitter and depressed, quitting hockey and snowball fighting. When Charlie builds a snowman in his front yard and blows some sweet notes on his magic blues harp, Jack is somehow brought back from the dead... in the form of a walking, talking snow-dad! Now Charlie must keep his father's resurrection a secret, as Jack tries to take full advantage of this special second chance. The epic, never ending snowball fight that serves as a backdrop to this movie would make a much more interesting film. Grab your magical harmonica, prepare to be depressed, and join us as we crush Jack Frost between two giant snowballs!

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