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Episode #68 - Sharknado


To kick off our third year of talking about bad movies, we reel in a big one! This week we're taking a look at the instant cult classic Sharknado! 90210's Ian Ziering and rehab's Tara Reid star in this 2013 SyFy Original about an on-again off-again storm that has washed thousands of sharks ashore in Los Angeles. When the storm destroys Fin Shepard's (Ziering) bar, he sets off with his best friend, an employee, and a drunk guy to find and rescue his estranged family, and to take on mother nature herself! Who would have ever thought that a SyFy movie starring Tara Reid would be this horrendously good?! Grab your chainsaws, put on your rappelling belts, and join us as we drop bombs into Sharknado!

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