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Episode #70 - Getaway


Selena Gomez joins Ethan Hawke on high speed chase across Bulgaria in 2013's Getaway, only killing, like, 47 cops in the process. When ex-race car driver Brent Magna comes home to find his wife has been abducted, he's forced to complete a series of insane car-related tasks in order to keep her alive. He's joined along the way by Whatsherface Noname, an educated and totally not butch young woman who is somehow also important to the bad guy's plan (even though she should be the last person on Earth that he should want involved). The good news: Brent finds his wife. The bad news: The movie doesn't end there. Grab your magic hacking iPads, STRAP IN, and join us as we terrorize the streets of Bulgaria with Getaway, with special guest host Dora Scheidell!

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