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Episode #71 - Battle of the Year


This week we take a look at the 2013 b-boy classic Battle of the Year, starring Josh Holloway, Josh Peck, and Chris Brown's explosive temper! When hip-hop mogul Dante decides to sponsor a b-boy team to compete in the international Battle of the Year competition, he asks his old friend and dance-mate Jason Blake (Holloway) to be his coach. With the help of his new friend Franklyn (Peck), Coach Blake is tasked with turning a rag-tag group of the best darn b-boys America has to offer into a well oiled break dancing machine, bringing the BOTY title back to the States, and also saving hip-hop in general. No pressure. Team USA's shortcomings can probably be attributed to the fact that their choreographer doesn't appear to know how to dance. Grab your whistle, put on your Pumas, and join us as we watch Planet B-Boy with Battle of the Year!

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