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Episode #72 - Knightriders


Nick Newert returns to the podcast to help us figure out George A. Romero's Knightriders! A modern day Arthurian tale, Knightriders is about a roving Renaissance Fair troupe famous for staging dangerously entertaining motorcycle jousts. When their increasingly delusional king, played by Ed Harris, refuses to sell out to THE MAN at all costs the group splits into two factions, those who want a big payday (led by Tom Savini) and those who prefer to live like hippies. Now King Ed Harris must come to terms with his own destiny in order to restore and preserve the integrity of the troupe, even if it means losing his crown. While this movie is certainly bizarre and ridiculous, we found it strangely and compellingly endearing. Grab your maces, oil up your bikes, and join us as we fight the Dragon with Knightriders!

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