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Episode #78 - Trespass


Nicolas Cage! NICOLAS CAGE! Yes, we're big fans of Nic Cage here at the podcast, FINE, YOU FIGURED IT OUT! CONGRATULATIONS! Nicolas Cage plays a diamond dealer who, along with his wife (Nicole Kidman) and daughter, is held hostage inside his home by a group of burglars led by a Sam Rockwell impersonator. They threaten to kill his family unless he opens his safe and gives them the tens of hundreds of dollars contained within. When all his attempts to Shyamalan his way out of danger fail (you think this necklace is real. THIS NECKLACE ISN'T REAL!), he's forced to reveal that his safe is empty and he is in fact in financial ruins. Now fake Sam Rockwell must find some way to squeeze money out of Cage in order to pay his debts, while his delusional little brother tries to convince Nicole Kidman that she's in love with him. Yeah, it's as crazy as it sounds. Grab your prescription Tic Tacs, give us your kidney, and join us as we FIGURE IT OUT with Trespass!

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