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Episode #81 - Man of Steel


Zack Snyder directs his way back to the podcast with 2013's hugely disappointing Superman reboot Man of Steel. Also returning is Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman/Jesus. Sent to Earth shortly before his home planet explodes, Kryptonian Kal-El is raised as Clark Kent, a boy who doesn't know why he's different from everyone else. When his secret is finally revealed to him, he sets out to find the truth about his lineage. Meanwhile, the evil Kryptonian General Zod arrives at Earth on a quest to find Kal-El and take from him the codex, the last hope for the future of Krypton and its people. Now Clark must become Jesus Christ Superman, fulfilling his destiny as Earth's savior and protector. This movie wanted so badly to be a Batman film, evidenced by the fact that Batman is going to be in the sequel. Grab your breathers, fire up the World Engine, and join us as we try to find something for Lois Lane to do with Man of Steel! With special guest Nick Newert.

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