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Episode #82 - Critters


Nick Newert drops in once again to help us make sense of 1986's Critters, a sci-fi cult classic starring Dee Wallace and featuring Billy Zane! When a race of aliens known as the Crites escape from a prison transport ship and crash land on Earth, two alien bounty hunters are sent to eliminate them by any means necessary. When the Crites start causing havoc on a sleepy Kansas town, the bounty hunters show up and cause even more havoc by crashing cars into churches and shooting up bowling alleys, all while a family and their cat do the best they can to defend their farm from an army of hungry Furbies and M. Emmet Walsh becomes increasingly confused by everything he sees. This movie continues our trend of bad 80's movies that directly and poorly rip off great 80's movies. Grab your ray guns, check your fillings, and join us as we brutally murder Billy Zane with Critters!

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