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Episode #83 - From Justin to Kelly


This week we tackle another notoriously bad movie in From Justin to Kelly! Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson star in this American Idol cash-in gone horribly wrong! Justin and Kelly star as Justin and Kelly, two younglings on Spring Break who are just looking to have a good time when the unexpected happens, and they fall in love during an overly choreographed musical number on a beach... you know, just like how most young couples meet. Things go wrong when Kelly's jealous "party girl" friend gets in between them, nearly ending their budding relationship before it can even get started. The stakes have never been lower than they are in this film. This might be the first musical in history where the studio refused to release the soundtrack due to embarrassingly low interest. Grab your hovercraft, put on your whipped cream bikinis, and join us as we "sing" and "dance" with From Justin to Kelly! Featuring special guest Katie Corrado!

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