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Episode #84 - Godzilla (1998)


In 1998 Hollywood brought us the first ever American Godzilla movie, and it was monstrously underwhelming! Notorious action hero Matthew Broderick (yes, that Matthew Broderick) stars as Dr. Niko Tatopoulus, a show tunes singing, beret wearing scientist who is apparently the only person with a brain in New York City, which becomes advantageous when a giant lizard that may or may not be Godzilla makes landfall in the Big Apple. As the greatest military minds in the world do nothing but hurl rockets and red shirt helicopter pilots at ol' Zilla, Broderick is making Sherlockian deductions left and right, eventually teaming up with his college sweetheart and the French secret service to eradicate the truest and most frightening threat to mankind... thousands upon thousands of freshly hatched Godzookys! Grab your top secret video tapes, pile up all of your fish, and join us as we take the "God" out of Godzilla! With special guest host Tim Ferlito!

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