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Episode #94 - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


Before he went to space... before he went to Hell... before he fought Freddy Krueger to the death... before he built an elaborate and well-lit labyrinth of underground tunnels... Jason Voorhees took on 1980's era New York City! When Crystal Lake's graduating class takes a boat trip to the Big Apple, maniacal serial killer and hockey mask enthusiast Jason Voorhees develops a major case of the FOMOs and decides to tag along. After killing most of the passengers and sinking the ship, Jason follows the survivors' life boat to New York, where he ignores the millions of potential victims literally walking by him on the street in order to satisfy some bizarre and unknown vendetta against a handful of Crystal Lake high school students and their crabby teacher. Grab a speargun, drop your anchor, and join us as we drown Jason Takes Manhattan in toxic waste!

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