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Episode #95 - Fear No Evil


Our second "Horror-able Halloween" movie of the year is 1981's Fear No Evil! I had a team of scientists, theologists, and satanists study and break down the plot for me, and they tell me that the movie revolves around Andrew Williams, who is as normal a high school student as they come... studious, awkward, the living incarnate of the fallen angel Lucifer, and a killer dodgeball player. While Andrew is battling with his hormones and ambiguous sexuality, two arch angels prepare to destroy the devil inside him once and for all. Also, some guy hits his girlfriend a lot and a priest puts on a play. Hey, sometimes it's tough to fill 90 minutes. Grab your birthday cakes, stay out of the crazy gym teacher's way, and join us as we enjoy the beautiful scenery of Boldt Castle with Fear No Evil!

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